The mentorship program is for more advanced instrumental and choral students who have technical facility and a good sense of pitch, and who are expressive singers or players, enthusiastic about making music with others.

Program participants will have an immersive experience, rehearsing and performing alongside the Boxties and absorbing their serious but playful, passionate but relaxed approach to music making. 

They will learn how to create musical meaning, to express that meaning in a way others can understand, and gain insight into music’s power to uplift and transform. You can read more about the Boxties’ teaching methodology here.

The mentorship program includes two ensembles: The Boxties Singers, open to both male and female singers, and The Boxties Ensemble, open to instrumentalists. Entry to both ensembles is by audition. 

Read more about The Boxties Singers here.

Read more about The Boxties Ensemble here.