My Boxties Mentorship Program Experience - Eboni

My experience in 2018 with the Boxties was life changing. Their way of teaching is unique and so much fun. With the Boxties nothing is done half-heartedly or without thought and this was definitely passed on to the mentorship students throughout the year. We learnt that everything has a purpose and has meaning and we all worked together to find this. 

The Boxties create an accepting, encouraging and creative environment where you will laugh, have fun and make friends while learning, working hard and ultimately becoming a better musician. 

Most of the time you don’t even realise how hard you have worked and then before you know it you have almost perfected a section of music or learnt all the lyrics to a song in a totally different language. 

Being able to sing and play alongside such talented and passionate musicians inspired me and made me push myself further than I knew was possible. I woke up every Saturday morning excited to make music with incredible and inspiring musicians. 

I have tried many performance and music schools and never have I experienced something like this and I am definitely excited for my future years in the Boxties Mentorship Program.