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The Boxties believe that in an environment of ever-narrowing school curricula, ever-tightening government support for the arts, and with our politics becoming ever more polarised and fear driven, society needs broad, generous, rigorous, uplifting music and arts education more than ever.    

We’re inspired by the American writer Dave Eggers when he says “ …  with art comes empathy. It allows us to look through someone else’s eyes and know their strivings and struggles. It expands the moral imagination and makes it impossible to accept the dehumanization of others.”

We strive to cultivate music in that spirit, with as wide a variety of people as possible, especially those who might otherwise not have much chance to take part. Our work with young refugees, in particular, aims both to support them and to bring them together with their peers from other backgrounds in celebration of the musical impulse we all share.

By donating to the Boxties you will be helping us maintain and develop this work.