Songs of Hope and Healing - 2018

The Boxties are kicking off 2018 in collaboration with QPAC and the Friends of HEAL foundation (FHEAL), taking part in Songs of Hope and Healing, a fundraising event at the Brisbane Concert Hall on 27 March.

FHEAL’s purpose is to promote arts education for refugee students and the Boxties are keen to lend their skills in support. As well as performing a set during the concert, the Boxties will be team-teaching a choir of students from several high schools to perform a choral number that should make an exciting climax. 

Anyone from the community, student or adult, is welcome to come along and take part (provided they can get to rehearsals). The Friends of HEAL Community Choir will be rehearsing from 2 pm to 4 pm on Saturdays at QPAC. Rehearsals begin Saturday 17 February and will run until Saturday 24 March.

If you’d like to participate in the choir please email us at

If you're under 18 you'll also need to download and return the attached Consent Form to