Comments Policy

Hat tip to economist and commentator Professor John Quiggin of the Universiity of Queensland. We adopted most of this comments policy from the one at his website.

  1. This is a forum for discussion. Comments which include personal attacks on the author of a post or on other commenters (flames) will be deleted, or edited to remove such points. Commenters with a repeated history of provocation (trolls) will be banned. Comments that seek to score debating points at the expense of others (snarks) are discouraged; this is inevitably subjective, but please try to focus on substantial arguments rather than cheap shots. 
  2. Coarse language, and racist or sexist carry-on will be deleted. 
  3. Pseudonymous commenting is allowed, but commenters must supply an email address on which they can be contacted. Except in the event of disruptive behaviour (as described under 6 and 7) this information will be kept confidential. Pseudonymous commenters should take particular care to avoid remarks that may be offensive to other participants in the discussion. 
  4. Commenting under multiple names (sock puppets) or the use of multiple email accounts to evade bans will lead to an immediate and permanent ban. Details of persons using sock puppets may be disclosed to others including the operators of other blogs. 
  5. In the event of a ban, do not attempt unauthorised posting of comments, or harassment through email, phone contact or other methods. That will lead to an immediate and permanent ban from this site and exposes you to a range of civil and criminal sanctions. 
  6. Comments are welcome from anyone willing to abide by these rules. Those who don’t like these rules are free to comment elsewhere or to publish their own blogs.